The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (2024)

Today’s theme is all about quick crochet projects, so if you are a busy bee, be sure to check them out. I know the feeling – you finally have an hour or two to spare, but there’s no way you can make something in such small amount of time… Right? Wrong!

This post aims to inspire you to undertake crochet projects even if you have very little time. Ideas that I’ve gathered range from 10 minutes to 6 hours in the making, so you can be sure to find something that suits your lifestyle.

Don’t let your busy life get in the way – be intentional with your time.

start with something so easy, you simply couldn’t say no to it!

Sometimes there are days like today, in which I want to share with you clever ideas, but don’t have much time to spend writing a big post. That’s why I came up with Quick Roundup series, in which I will be sharing 5-10 best ideas for crochet techniques, projects and patterns 🙂

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Crochet Roundup!

In this article you will find a selection offree crochet patterns, that you can make in one day! They are divided into tiers, depending on how much time you have to spare. Some of these crochet patterns are widely known, while other may be new to you – either way, you will find here ideas for home decor, blankets and winter accessories.

If you have 30 minutes…

9 Minute Coaster by Sarah Ruane

Can you believe that you will make this cute thing in under 10 minutes? Sarah created a basic pattern that will be great for beginners, who want to hone their skills, or for seasoned crocheters, who never thought of making such simple accessories. A set of coasters like these can be a great last minute gift, so take a look below and see how cute they look!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (1)

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

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10 Minute Heart Shaped Hot Pad by Pia Thadani

There’s one simple trick to ultra-fast crochet projects, and it’s spaghetti yarn! This bulky yarn is nothing else than a long string of t-shirt fabric, which is elastic and works great in crochet projects. This heart-shaped hot pad will be a useful addition to your kitchen, or a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. See below how it looks in two different color versions.

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (2)

  • photos from Ravelry: top one by Pia Thadani, bottom one by niiskun80

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

30-Minute Trivet by Rachel Counts

Can you believe that this ornamental piece can be made in only half an hour? Rachel came up with a cute lacy mandala pattern, which, if made with bulky yarn, works up really quickly. Its size will be changing depending on the yarn you choose, so think about it and decide for yourself – do you need a trivet, or a set of coasters, maybe?

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (3)

  • photos by Rachel Counts from Ravelry

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

If you have 2 hours or less…

1 Hour Beanie by Jess Coppom

This classic beanie is one of the most known in the crochet world, but there’s no question why – it’s simply beautiful. Jess is a master designer, so you can be sure that her patterns will be of highest quality. There’s nothing better than handmade winter accessories, so spare a day or two to make a whole bunch of them for each member of your family. Take a look below!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (4)

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

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1.5 Hour Chunky Beanie by CrochetDreamz

Does this beanie look like it was made in less than 2 hours? No way! Crocheter behind CrochetDreamz once again came up with fantastic easy pattern. Structural stitch and elegant ribbed trim make this beanie look stylish and polished. Take a look below to see designer’s color choices, and don’t forget about the pom-pom!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (5)

  • photos by CrochetDreamz from Ravelry

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

If you have 4 hours or less…

3 Hour Mittens by Jess Coppom

Chunky mittens will keep your hands warm all day long, but to make them, you need only 3 hours! In the photos you can see that Jess chose bulky rustic yarn for her project, and added leather tag to make them look even more cool. This is a great idea for a last minute gift, so check it out!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (6)

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

3 Hour Blanket by CrochetDreamz

Bulky yarn is the key to quick projects, so if you have some in your stash and don’t know what to do with it, let me help. Easy stitch like the one you see below is the best choice for quick blanket, because it works up fast and looks great. Grey and white goes together perfectly, so choose it if you don’t know where to start with colors.

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (7)

  • photos by CrochetDreamz from Ravelry

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

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4 Hour Crochet Blanket by CrochetDreamz

Making of structural and squishy blanket isn’t rocket science – in fact, it’s a great starting point for beginners. If you are impatient and like to see the effects of your work quickly, this project will be just perfect for you. As you can see below, designer behind CrochetDreamz chose three colors, but you can go for just one and make the work even quicker.

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (8)

  • photos by CrochetDreamz from Ravelry

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

If you have one day…

The Presto 4.5 Hour Afghan by Jess Coppom

Lacy stitch for a blanket? Yes, please! Not only does it work up fast, but also creates fun structure and drapes beautifully. A simple afghan like the one you see below, will be a perfect addition to your living room. Jess decided to use multicolored yarn, and add fun tassels on each side – clever!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (9)

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

5 Hour Crochet Blanket by CrochetDreamz

I can see the softness and squishy texture of this blanket just by looking at the photos of it. This design uses modified moss stitch, which is one of the most basic stitches, but looks very interesting. Bulky yarn gives it volume and speeds up the process significantly!

The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (10)

  • photos by CrochetDreamz from Ravelry

Find thisfree crochet pattern on, or Ravelry.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with much more inspiring projects and free patterns. Like, share, and subscribe if you like what you see. Stay tuned!

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The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (11)

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The Best Fast and Easy Crochet Projects (2024)


What is the easiest thing to learn to crochet? ›

1. Crochet Dishcloths/Washcloths. Making dishcloths is a really great place to start when learning and practicing crochet. It helps you make even rows without missing stitches (one of the most challenging things for a beginner) and there are many different stitches you can do to make a dishcloth or a washcloth.

What crochet stitch is easiest? ›

Let's start at the very beginning with the crochet chain stitch. It's the most basic and the first one that beginners learn since it's also the first stitch used when starting new crochet patterns. Most crochet patterns start with a certain number of chain stitches, and the rest of the project builds onto them.

What should I make first as a beginner crochet? ›

Learn to make a granny square

One of the first projects that many beginner crocheters start off with is a granny square.

What is the easiest and fastest crochet stitch? ›

1. Double Crochet (dc) The double crochet stitch (treble crochet – tr – in UK terms) creates a medium density fabric and works up quickly. With only one yarn over and two loops to pull through, it's an easy and efficient stitch.

What is the easiest yarn to crochet with for beginners? ›

Wool is an excellent choice because it is super soft and stretchy. This elasticity will ease the flow of your crochet, and it will make it simpler to handle. It is durable and resilient, which means that if you make a mistake, you can unravel your project and reuse the yarn.

What is the easiest crochet size for beginners? ›

Hook Size Recommendation for Beginners

We recommend that beginners buy a set of hooks that include a H-8 5mm hook.

What is the fastest crochet stitch? ›

Mesh Crochet Stitch

Because of its lightweight stitching, any project using the Mesh stitch comes together very fast.

What are the 5 basic crochet? ›

The 5 simplest crochet stitches to learn are the chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch. Once you get the hang of these basic stitches, you can make a plethora of projects throughout your crochet journey!

How to start crochet for cheap? ›

Cost Effective Crochet: Making Stuff Without Going Broke
  1. Use inexpensive yarn. ...
  2. Do the maths before you start the project. ...
  3. Make small things. ...
  4. Ignore anyone who tells you crochet uses more yarn. ...
  5. Make lux items instead of buying them. ...
  6. Buy inexpensive hooks. ...
  7. Thrift everything. ...
  8. Recycle your unworn knits into yarn.
Aug 6, 2017

What size crochet hook for beginners? ›

Most beginners start out in the middle with a worsted-weight yarn and a size H-8 (5mm) hook. This is a good middle-of-the-road size that will help you get used to the rhythm of your crochet stitches. When you're more experienced, you can try smaller hooks with lighter yarns as well as larger hooks with heavier yarns.

Is crochet a cheap hobby? ›

Crochet can be both an inexpensive hobby or a more costly one, depending on your choices. To start crocheting, you need only a crochet hook and some yarn. Hooks generally cost between $1 and $10. Yarn varies in price depending on the type and quality.

Is single crochet the easiest? ›

Single Crochet: A Beginner Stitch

It is the shortest and most basic of all crochet stitches. This tutorial is the first in our series on how to learn the most basic of all crochet stitches.

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