Global Ed Duke (2024)

1. Duke Global Education

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  • Make the most of your academic path, learn more about yourself, and experience authentic intercultural immersion when you study away.

2. Global Education Office

  • The Duke Global Education Office (GEO) offers international and U.S.-based study away opportunities granting academic credit towards graduation for students ...

  • Global Education Office - Office of Undergraduate Education

3. Global Education – Duke Kunshan's University Office of Global Education

4. Duke University Global Education for Undergraduates | Durham NC

  • The Duke Global Education Office (GEO) offers international and U.S.-based study away opportunities. 󱙶. Follow. 󰟝. Posts.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. Programs - Global Education - Duke Kunshan University

  • Our study away portfolio is carefully designed and curated to maximize the options available to our students during a pivotal time in their academic journey.

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6. Duke Global Ed

7. Students frustrated after Global Education Office introduces caps on ...

  • 15 nov 2023 · At least three of the most popular study abroad programs among Duke undergraduates have moved to a lottery-based application system for next ...

  • The Global Education Office is running a default lottery application for the three most historically popular programs: IES Madrid, DIS Copenhagen, and NYU in Florence.

8. Duke Corporate Education - The Future of Leadership. Now.

  • Top Ranked Worldwide. For over 20 years, the Financial Times has consistently ranked Duke CE among the top custom executive education providers in the world.

  • Empower leaders, tackle challenges, and drive transformation with Duke CE. Customized leadership development for a future-ready organization.

9. Dignity Health Global Education in collaboration with Duke Corporate ...

  • Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) is the leading healthcare workforce development company. Dedicated to providing customized educational opportunities and ...

  • Want to know more about courses from Dignity Health Global Education in collaboration with Duke Corporate Education? Find out more on!

10. Why did more Duke students study abroad in fall 2022? - The Chronicle

  • 27 jan 2023 · Close to 500 Duke students studied away in fall 2022, according to Amy Bowes, associate director for the Duke Global Education Office for ...

  • This year's numbers are significantly higher than the 2021-22 academic year as more study away programming opened up after pandemic restrictions. 

Global Ed Duke (2024)
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