28 Homemade Valentine Box Ideas For Kids To Bring To School - School Run Messy Bun (2024)

Here are 28 Valentine Box ideas for kids that they’ll be so excited to bring to school!

28 Homemade Valentine Box Ideas For Kids To Bring To School - School Run Messy Bun (1)

Hey luvbug,

How excited is your little one for Valentine’s Day? 💌

As your little one is gearing up for their Valentine’s day party at school I bet they’re beyond excited to make the perfect Valentine’s Day mailbox to receive all their goodies in!

I absolutely love seeing all the kids carrying their cute little (sometimes extravagant lol) mailboxes to into school in the morning drop off line. It’s so dang cute!

To make the legwork easier for you, I’ve rounded up tons of cute, adorable and straight up cool valentine’s day mailbox ideas for kids that you can totally copy! Let’s get into it!

This post is all about Valentine box ideas for kids!

Valentine’s Day Mailbox Ideas For Girls

Before we get into the valentine box ideas for girls, I want to make a quick disclaimer that of course anyone can enjoy any of these ideas!

The girl ideas aren’t just for girls and the boy ideas aren’t just for boys!

These are just a curated list of ideas with girls/boys in mind 🙂

1. Rainbow

Cute, simple, color and fun! I love the rainbow arch but there a million and one ways to make a rainbow valentine box!

2. Mermaid tail

Mermaids are always a classic! I like that this one is simple but cute.You could even use sequin fabric to take it up a notch!

3. Flower garden

Pipe cleaners and colored construction paper make such cute flowers for this “garden of love” valentine box idea!

4. Cactus

I’ve seen this valentine box all over Pinterest this year! Such a simple but cute idea. The cactus arms sticking out from the sides really bring it to life!

5. Makeup vanity

How fun is this make up vanity? Grab a few makeup tools at the dollar tree to glue down, add foil paper for the mirror and cotton balls for the lights!

6. Gymnastics

The perfect Valentine box for a little gymnast! You can easily recreate this with construction paper, straws and popsicle sticks!

7. Girls basketball

Score all the Valentines with this basketball valentine box! Use a cereal box on it’s side, a mini basketball hoop and some craft paper to recreate this!

8. Camera

“Capture” all the sweet valentines with this adorable camera valentine box idea!

9. Kitty cat

The purr-fect valentine box for a kitty cat lover! Some pink wrapping paper, construction paper and pipe cleaner for the whiskers and you’ve got one adorable box!

10. Panda

How cute is this panda bear valentine box? All you need is white paper, black glitter card stock and of course, a box!

11. Bumblebee

Say “Bee mine” with this adorable bumblebee valentine box. You could easily recreate this with black and yellow duct tape, googly eyes and construction paper!

12. Butterfly

This valentine box ideas is perfect for a last minute project! Use some pip cleaners to create hearts as wings, some pompoms for the body and cute stickers for the rest of the box!

13. Robot

How cute is this love robot? From the long lashes to the pink tutu, this is simply adorable!

14. Movie

28 Homemade Valentine Box Ideas For Kids To Bring To School - School Run Messy Bun (2)

Here’s a super easy, last minute idea! No craft supplies needed! Simply download, print, cut and glue the pieces however you’d like into your own design!

Homemade Valentine Box Ideas For Boys

Ready for 14 more Valentine box ideas for kids? This time it’s for the boys!

Again, notonly for boys.. just curated with boys in mind!

Let’s get into it..

1. Space

Now this valentine box idea is out of this world! I absolutely love the styrofoam sun and planets!

2. Basketball

He shoots, he scores.. All the valentine’s that is! Wrapping the box in orange wrapping paper and drawing basketball lines is so smart! Add a small basketball hoop, cut out a hole and you’re done!

3. Hot wheels

I’m sure you have a hot wheel or two to spare for this Valentine box idea – at least, I know I sure do! Cut a long strip of orange construction paper and loop it, add mini checkered flags, Hot Wheels and a few Hot Wheel stickers!

4. Race car (Cars)

Lightening McQueen coming through! Such a cool Valentine box idea for boys who love Cars or race cars in general!

5. Super Mario

Anything Super Mario will always be a classic but with the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie they’ve definitely gained even more popularity!

6. Legos

Here’s a perfect last minute (but still super cool) idea! Make the round “studs” by cutting off the bottom of a red solo cup!

7. Spiderman

What boy doesn’t love Spider-man?! All you need is some blue, black and red paint!

8. Soccer

This is the ultimate Valentine box idea for your little soccer player! I found these mini soccer goals on Amazon that are meant to be a finger soccer toy and would be the perfect size!

9. Pokemon

What a clever use for your old tide pods container!

10. Pirate ship

Arrgg! This pirate ship valentine box is super cool! Poke small wooden dowels (can be found at Dollar Tree!) through cut pieces of construction paper, add some mini pirate figures and draw some waves at the bottom.

11. Dinosaurs

If your house is anything like mine, you probably have a few dinosaur figures you can afford to spare! The twinkle lights add such a fun touch too!

12. Monster trucks

Okay, same story as the dinosaurs – you probably have plenty of monster trucks to spare! I’m really “digging” this monster jam valentine box!

13. Roblox

Check out this awesome Roblox character valentine box! This seems to be entirely made out of construction paper glued to the front of what I’m assuming is a cereal box or something of similar shape!

14. Poop emoji

Let’s be honest, anything potty related will forever be funny to little boys around the world! This poop emoji is valentine box is hilarious. The sign says “love stinks!” 💩

This post was all about Valentine box ideas for kids!

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28 Homemade Valentine Box Ideas For Kids To Bring To School - School Run Messy Bun (2024)
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